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Meet Camp Embark


At CE, we believe every child deserves a SAFE opportunity to use their minds and creative energy to explore, create new friendships, and embark upon learning experiences that spark their curiosity and excitement!

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Our Values

We recognize the value and necessity of play as a foundation for learning. CE is SAFE ground for our campers to embark on a journey filled with extraordinary discovery about nature, science, leadership, and self-empowering life skills like entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Qualified counselors support our campers in the fundamentals of leadership, self-respect, cultural value, ownership, and relationship development, all while having… FUN!

Ingrained within our curriculum is an emphasis on cultural appreciation and celebration. We want our children to see reflections of themselves within our activities and our counselors. When campers feel they belong and that their identity and voice matter, they learn to live with and respect others regardless of their backgrounds or origins.

Partners with Parents

CE is a nurturing environment for children ages 5 – 14. We partner with parents who understand the value of investing in their child’s development. We diligently strive to keep the lines of communication open with our parents to ensure the very best experience for their children. Together, we empower our campers to become the great leaders of tomorrow. We agree with the age-old adage: It does take a village to raise a child.


Our Camp Family

Leadership & Qualifications

Our camp administration team is year-round. Collectively, this team has over 30 years of child care experience from teaching to child advocacy. 


Each member of our staff is excited about working with youth outdoors. We accept applicants who are at least 18 years old, have graduated from high school, or are rising seniors invited to apply early after completing our Staff-in-Training program.

Staff and Professionals

The value and strength of our curriculum are only as strong as the value of our staff. Our counselors and teachers are vetted using the highest standards in background checking. We maintain a staff of counselors and teachers who are respected in their communities and the marketplace. Their engagement is a labor of love not of duty.

Training & Screening


All staff members undergo personal interviews, reference checks, and background checks. They are required to submit to a Level 2 Background check for criminal activity, a clearance request from DCF (Child Protective Services) for child abuse and neglect, and a Voluntary Disclosure Statement for additional screening.



Our staff begins training a month before campers' arrival . We provide additional specialized training to certify in Archery, Basic Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Diversity Inclusion, Fishing, Entrepreneurship, Woodworking, and more.


On a ratio of 1-7, counselors help campers make friends, resolve issues, and encourage them on a day-to-day basis.

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